Sergio Benini's Home


Sergio was born in Verona, Italy. He has received his MSc degree in Electronic Engineering (cum laude) at the University of Brescia in 2000.

Between May 2001 and May 2003 he has been working in Siemens Mobile Communication R&D, on mobile network management projects. He received his Ph.D. degree in Information Engineering from the University of Brescia in 2006, working on video content analysis.

During his Ph.D. studies, between Sept. 2003 and Sept. 2004 he has conducted a placement in British Telecom Research, Ipswich, U.K. working in the ``Content & Coding Lab''.

He is currently an Associate Professor in the Telecommunications group of DII at the University of Brescia, Italy. In 2012 Sergio co-founded Yonder, a spin-off company specialized in Natural Language Processing, Multimedia Content Analysis and Data Science.