After his scientific high school degree in 1994 (mark 60/60), Sergio receives his MSc in Electronic Engineering (mark 110/110 cum laude) from University of Brescia in 2000. Afterwards, until May 2003, he works as software analyst in Siemens Mobile Communications R&D. He then starts a PhD in Information Engineering at University of Brescia, receiving the title in March 2007. In the same institution, from March 2005 until November 2019 he is Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Engineering in the field of Telecommunications. He participates to research projects and collaborations at national and international level, with the responsibility of project leader or workpackage leader. Since his MSc till now, in both industry and academy, Sergio periodically spends research periods abroad: Siemens Mobile Communications (Ulm and Munich, Germany), Queen Mary University of London (London, U.K), British Telecom Research (Ipswich, U.K.), and Vinča Institute of Nuclear Science (Belgrade, Serbia). In March 2012 he is one of the co-founder of Yonder s.r.l., an academic spin-off in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning, where he act as Chief Scientific Officer. Since December 2019 he is Associate Professor in Telecommunications. Sergio is married since 2010, with two kids born in 2011 and 2013.

Scientific Interests

Sergio's scientific interests are in digital signal processing, multimedia content analysis, with a specific focus on techniques for indexing audiovisual document. Recently his main interests are directed towards the emotional characterization of cinematic content, - the cross-road of computer vision, neuroscience, and media psychology -, and the processing of biomedical images and data. With the spinoff Yonder s.r.l., Sergio works on topics related to Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning. On all these themes he has now published more than 70 research products distributed on international journals, conferences, and patents.


Other information